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Are you looking for licensed media delivery systems in Winnipeg to install your surveillance systems? Look no further than ON-Q Pro Media. No matter what your custom design and installation needs are, we can help you with that. Call us today to learn more.

Hotels – Restaurants – Bars

ON-Q Pro Media has been involved in the hotel, bar and restaurant industry for over 40 years. When it comes to audio and video design and requirements, no one has greater insight into the design of your establishment like the ON-Q Professionals. Our team will present you with features and options for your consideration prior to your design. These suggestions will give you an advantage over your competition. Creating a flexible and easy-to-use system allows ON-Q to take your business to a new level and can help increase your sales by entertaining your customers with their favourite teams, and beautiful 4K video displays.

Structured Wiring

The first step in any automated system is to have a properly structured wiring design. It’s more than just pulling the wire from one location to the next. Wiring design packages from ON-Q Pro Media are designed and installed to meet codes set by government authorities.

Distributed Audio and Video

The hospitality industry has seen a lot of change over the years. The days of great service are just not enough. Customers are looking for added value to enhance their experience. The industry has changed their business models by creating multi-zone (areas) concepts. Each area requires the flexibility to add a variety of audio and video sources to route to a different area of the establishment. Our latest technology systems allow for the flexibility to grow your system without having to purchase a new system. By adding additional transmitters and receivers and some programming, your audio and video distribution system grow with you.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms have become more than chat rooms. Technology has made the conference room a valuable training and educational tool. An automated conference room allows the use of projectors, audio, and video to be incorporated into meetings and presentations that would impress not only your staff but also potential customers.


If you have thousands of people who frequently visit your establishment, it is necessary to monitor the activity of guests and staff. There are a number of different options available. We offer a range of equipment, from cameras to DVRs and NVRs. With these, you can record the activities ranging from one week to one month, all dependent on the size of the internal hard drive.

Technology has allowed owners to view their cameras remotely from their tablet or smartphone. Securing your establishment and keeping track of your assets is a must. A professionally installed surveillance system from ON-Q Pro Media allows you to do that.

Background Music

First impressions can make or break your customers’ perception of your establishment. What you see and hear when you enter an establishment can impact how a customer feels and thinks, and even how much they spend in your venue.

Music is essential to the added value. A carefully programmed music list that caters to your targeted demographics can create an overall better experience.

ON-Q’s background music service allows you to create your custom music lists. Alternatively, you can choose from hundreds of preformatted lists that cater to a diverse client base.

Digital Signage

Advertising and marketing in the hospitality industry are crucial in the success of your establishment. Digital Signage allows you to get the information out to your customers and informs them of all the products, services, and specials that you offer. ON-Q’s fully interactive digital signage system allows for the content to be updated quickly and remotely. ON-Q offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative to your advertising campaigns.

Churches and Houses of Worship

It can be depressing to hear poor quality sound reinforcement in churches. In many cases, churches either have inadequate equipment or a not-so-well-trained operator. ON-Q’s advanced audio systems deliver high-quality sound that is both powerful and intelligible. Users can create sound environments that match a particular purpose. TOA’s unique digital processing technology works to minimize reverberation during speeches, or make full use of it during musical performances. You can easily adjust the acoustic settings that provide the flexibility to match various usage applications.

Customer Review

Look Forward to Continuing Our Relationship with ON-Q Pro Media

“Our Smitty's restaurants have recently undergone a complete renovation. We've been searching for a company that could not only take care of our renovation requirements by supplying audio and video for our locations, but also supply our background music needs as well. We found ON-Q Pro Media. Their team of professionals have been able to supply and install in our locations the latest in audio and video. Their systems are very user friendly and provide us with a tremendous amount of flexibility.

With our ever-changing demographics we are now able to provide a variety of options to our customers that we were not able to do in the past. From a variety of music zones to the flexibility of bringing in live entertainment, ON-Q has been able to set us up to accommodate our customer's needs. Without a doubt, ON-Q has surpassed our expectations. We look forward to continuing our relationship with ON-Q Pro Media.”

Brian Funk

Licensed Media Delivery Systems

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