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ON-Q Pro Media can help you with the supply and installation of professional audio, video, and lighting systems. Over the years, we have seen that some of you don’t wish to purchase or maintain the equipment. We install and maintain the equipment for such customers on a rental basis. We are pretty flexible with our rental agreements. Contact our sales representatives for further information on music systems in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.


QMaxx® multi-zone background music system is designed for restaurants, lounges, restaurants, offices, retail shops, etc. It comes with a touch screen that allows you to choose songs, pre-made custom lists, or to customize your own personal lists. The system has an audio equalizer, scheduler, and security levels to restrict staff from choosing music that may not be appropriate to your demographic or for the occasion. If you feel music control is a necessity for your venue, then the QMaxx® system is the solution.

You can enjoy six different music brands that suit different areas of your business using the QMaxx® system. It allows you to play soft classical music in your lobby, soft background dinner music in your restaurant, upbeat jazz in your lounge or patio, soothing tranquil sounds in the spa and Top 40 picks in the bar.


You can promote your business by activating AdMaxx® on your QMaxx® system. Keep your customers up to date on weekly specials and upcoming events with the help of our AdMaxx® advertising system.


Want to increase the entertainment value for your customers? Then activate VideoMaxx® on your QMaxx® system! With over 10,000 HD music videos, it can turn your place into a virtual concert and lets your clients experience the visual impact that music videos can have!


The DJMaxx® system (powered by BPM Studio®) is designed by professional DJs, for permanent venue installations. The system is programmed to offer seamless beat matching and sampling, and has over 40,000 songs stored in it. So, all you have to do is just drag and drop your favourite songs into the players and press play! It’s considered as a complete DJ system.


The MobileMaxx® laptop system is the music system for the professional disc jockey. It has virtually the same features as the DJMaxx® system, but it is designed for the mobile DJ. Our music director does all of the research for you, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing music, knowing what the new songs are, or having an AVLA license. Just plug in to any internet connection, and your system will be automatically updated! It also comes with several options for remote controls and mixers.

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Since Earls' humble beginnings as that laid-back beer and burger joint, both the atmosphere and menu have evolved. We've created a comfortable yet upscale atmosphere where guests are equally welcome to dress up or wind down. We take inspiration from the world's most popular cuisines and give them a spin that's authentically Earls'.

Downtown Winnipeg's Newest Hot Spot! We have 19,000 square feet to accommodate virtually any event. Come for drinks, dinner, and all your favourite sporting events broadcasted on Winnipeg's largest projection screen measuring in at 24'! As well as 30 Plasma TVs placed throughout the bar enabling you to view every game from any seat in the house!

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We can install and maintain the equipment for you on a rental agreement!

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